Introducing Siemens Battery Storage Protection: Elevating Fire Safety Standards

Fire Protection for Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage

As the demand for energy storage systems escalates, Siemens stands as a pioneering force, delivering essential solutions for uninterrupted power supplies and grid stabilization. Our unwavering commitment to safety shines through with our VdS-certified fire protection concept tailored for Li-ion battery energy storage systems.

Managing Fire Risks in Li-ion Battery Storage Systems

Lithium-ion storage facilities house high-energy batteries paired with highly flammable electrolytes, posing inherent fire hazards. Siemens addresses this critical concern by offering a VdS-certified fire protection concept from December 2019, effectively mitigating the risks of ignition and explosion.

Early Detection with FDA241 Aspirating Smoke Detector

Siemens' FDA241 aspirating smoke detector utilizes patented dual-wavelength optical detection technology to swiftly and accurately identify electrolyte vapor, enabling proactive intervention. Adhering to normative requirements, the installation of two independent FDA241s ensures prompt activation of the automatic extinguishing system.

Advanced Fire Detection with ASAtechnology

In response to evolving safety needs, Siemens introduces cutting-edge detectors powered by ASAtechnology, redefining safety standards. Seamlessly integrating smoke, heat, and CO detection, these detectors exhibit unmatched sensitivity to diverse smoke types, ensuring comprehensive coverage even in challenging environments.

Safe and Sustainable Fire Suppression with Sinorix NXN N2

Siemens' Sinorix NXN N2 extinguishing systems provide reliable and sustainable fire suppression, effectively preventing electrical fires and halting the spread of thermal runaways. With a holding time of 30 minutes, these systems allow sufficient time for response while containing the spread of secondary fires.

Technical Expertise & Support

We prioritize technical expertise and support, subjecting our fire safety products to rigorous testing on a regular basis. Siemens' Battery Testing Centre in Altenrhein, Switzerland, exemplifies our steadfast commitment to safety, empowering our customers with robust fire safety strategies.

Experience Excellence in Fire Safety

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